What is perhaps the single most important thing to have in a long-term relationship? The answer may be unsatisfying, yet common sense. It’s compatibility. A rather broad answer, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on pexels.com

So to begin, let’s go through the things a typical Ukrainian woman wants.

  1. She wants security.

This is what you need to give her. Strong, independent women abound everywhere. But when it comes to marriage, women in Ukraine know what they want and what role to play.

She wants a confident man, who knows what he wants and is willing to lead the family. They expect a strong figure – not just strength of body, but of character. 

She also wants a man who will provide. Now, this has nothing to do with them and their career choices. It’s what they want from men like you. 

If you pride yourself on having a stable job or career, and fancy yourself an independent man, then your chances with a lady from Ukraine are very high.

  1. She wants a family.

And she expects the same from you. Remember, Ukraine is still largely a conservative society. These women are willing to give up their careers, in whole or in part, to raise children. 

Anticipate that a family will be part of the master plan, and you have to be in on it one hundred percent.

  1. She wants a gentleman.

Be well-dressed, have good manners, and put your best foot forward. You may think this is an obvious point to make, but in today’s world, common sense isn’t always common. 

If you can hold a decent conversation and listen more than you talk, you may score points with the lady.

These are but a few of the things these Ukrainians want in a man. If you have these three basics, you have one foot in the door.

As a bonus, we recommend you begin your search in Nikolaev, otherwise known as the City of Brides. This is due to the fact that there is a great population of beautiful women who seek to marry foreign men. 

You can start your search in Nikolaev either by travelling there, or by going on a reputable matchmaking-dating site. This way, you can meet potential Nikolaev brides without the risks or hassles of an outright adventure to the country.

We all search for a partner who we can love for a lifetime. So why settle? Give yourself the chance to meet the best partner there is, even if she is half a world away.


      1. I think I was trying to suggest that marriage partners too widely divergent in age may find it tough to grow old together. They may not be abl3e to help each other through each crisis and thus cause too much isolation between partners. A long-lasting marriage should be shared, experience.

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  1. Well, in Prague, I know a Ukrainian lady called Victoria- and another Ukrainian lady, also called Victoria. They are both beautiful ladies. And they have nice warm personalities too. I wonder if I myself am as beautiful as Victoria / Victoria – hey, probably not. Thanks for your post. They both speak good English – but maybe they don’t even need the English language, in their jobs in the Czech Republic.

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