Photos of Ali Pazani from Pexels

So, about a month ago, a former coworker of mine was binge-watching culinary videos on YouTube when the algorithm suggested a video about traveling Europe.

He eventually made it into videos about dating Ukrainian women. I guess he was so taken with it that he had to message me about it. He is aware of my credentials in the matchmaking industry. He’d been divorced for about five years and had been living alone during that time. His children had left a few years before.

So, to cut the story short, he couldn’t believe the number of beautiful women in Ukraine. And that they desired the same things he did – a genuine relationship. Long term. A true partnership.

I told him he was right, and he would have discovered a world he could never have imagined if he was ready to make an effort. It’s no exaggeration. I know this from experience. 

It was worth trying, I informed him. I thus suggested him to the website for Ukraine Singles, where he was introduced and began to communicate with several nice girls online. He even registered for a tour to Ukraine to meet them.

You see, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of men like my friend who have no idea how easy it is to find a great, absolutely stunning girl. Most guys believe that their dating options are limited to people with whom they went to work or went to school with. Worse, many women in the United States or other developed countries are not interested in long-term relationships. They either devote themselves to their careers or refuse to date men who are less successful than them.

Look, guys, some girls want to be with men who are comfortable being men. Some successful girls want to start a family and stick with it. And if these women resemble Hollywood actresses? That’s Ukraine!

So, if you’re still single and haven’t found “The One,” here’s some friendly advice. Date a Ukrainian woman.

And drop me a postcard when you do.


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